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Educators, it's the most engaging lecture-demonstration everrrr!

  • 50 minutes

Service Description

Perfect for supporting foreign language, social studies, and performing arts courses, “Bantaba!” is a participatory lecture-demonstration focusing on traditional dances and rhythms of the Baga, Bamana, Malinke, and Susu people of West Africa in contemporary adaptations that celebrate the harvest, rites of passage, and other common celebrations that foster shared positivity and growth. Attendees will get a glimpse into the African Diaspora by exploring the movement and music vocabulary of the Greater Sene-Gambia region and by doing a little dancing and drumming to get that kinesthetic experience! This booking selection can be tailored to fit 30-50 minute presentation slots featuring an ensemble of both dancers and drummers in one continuous session. # of performers may vary from 3-7. Virtual presentations and live stream options are available.

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