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WE are Giwayen Mata, the dynamic, soul stirring, all sistah, dance, percussion, and vocal ensemble. In the Hausa language from Nigeria, our name means “elephant women” and is a term given to the leaders of women’s organizations there.  Just like elephants we are a multi-generational herd. We nurture one another, lead one another, and maintain our culture with dignity and grace. 


Grounded by movements, rhythms, and songs of the African Diaspora, we present to you performance works that reflect, celebrate, and unlock the hidden treasures of Black womanhood.  


With our feet touching the sacred grounds of our Indigenous American ancestors and the birth lands of our foremothers and forefathers of African descent, we stand tall showing honor and respect for the beautiful tapestry of life that adorns who we are as powerful daughters of the world.  



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Tambra Omiyale Harris

As the Artistic Director of Giwayen Mata, succeeding her mentor and Artistic Director Emerica Omelika Kuumba, Tambra Omiyale passionately weaves 25 years of company experience into her work as a choreographer, teacher, and performer. With Giwayen Mata, Tambra Omiyale performs and directs as a dancer, drummer, and vocalist for local and national events. As a representative of Giwayen Mata and in partnership with Georgia State University School of Music, she founded Mo’ Motion Dance Fitness Camp for Youth to fight obesity and obesity related diseases in children. With her skills from various Summer Leadership Institutes produced by Urban Bush Women, many sessions with the People's Institute of Survival and Beyond, as well as equity based leadership development courses, she is currently expanding Giwayen Mata into the area of community organizing through African diasporic arts. Tambra Omiyale's vision leads the company in performance works and classes that highlight the African Diaspora and the hidden treasures of Black womanhood.


layers, intricacies, spices & black woman flavor
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GIWAYEN MATA has a wide range of ways that we can engage and entertain your audience. 


GIWAYEN MATA offers bi-weekly in person dance classes for all. Click below for more info.  


Shop our black powHER collection today. Giwa merch for the whole family.

Dancing Sol
@ Price Middle School

Thank you for the opportunity to launch such a unique experience for young dancers! Giwayen Mata is honored to be in partnership with Purpose Built School Atlanta as well as our our ongoing community partners at Hapeville Academy Theatre, Moving in the Spirit, and 7 Stages in order to bring the Dancing SOL program to life. The young dancers at Price Middle School inspire us to keep dreaming of ways to support their growth as well as ways to support the creative goals of other young performing artists throughout the city of Atlanta.

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CONTACT US  |  Tel: 678-613-8342

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