Volunteer with Giwayen MataThank you for considering GIWAYEN MATA as a place to serve.

Giwayen Mata, Inc is a 501 (c)(3) cultural arts organization that thrives through the contributions of friends, families, businesses, and communities. Our programming, which is enjoyed by thousands, is made possible not only through ticket revenues, grants, and cash donations but also through individuals and organizations volunteering their services.

GIWAYEN MATA welcomes the human resources made available through corporate contributions of service and through individuals who finds it in their hearts and busy schedules to donate time and effort. Your contributions are significant to the work that we do.

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Please search the volunteer descriptions below for a volunteer opportunity that fits you. If you desire to serve in an area that is not listed, please name that service in the box labeled “Other”.

 Volunteer Coordinator Grant Writer Publicist: Website Development and Maintenance Social Network Development and Maintenance Flier Distribution Sales Assistant Stage Crew Transportation Crew Ushers Ticket Booth Merchandising Concessions Photography Videography Video Editing DVD and CD Duplicating Internships Other

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Volunteer Descriptions

Volunteer Coordinator:
Supervises volunteers and provides direction, coordination, and consultation for volunteer functions
Involve a community of supporters as described in the duties outlined below
Develop, promote, and maintain a wide range of volunteer opportunities within the organization
Survey administrative components regularly to assess needs for volunteer assistance
Maintain Volunteer Service Descriptions for each volunteer assignment
Ensure volunteers are staffed to support the various areas of operations
Recommend the most efficient use of volunteers
Conduct and/or arrange for volunteer orientation and training
Develop and manage volunteer policies, procedures, and standards of volunteer service
Evaluate all aspects of volunteer programs to ensure effectiveness and to recommend/implement changes as appropriate
Maintain accurate records and provide timely statistical and activity reports on volunteer participation
Recruit, interview and place applicants for volunteer work

Grant Writer:
Research sources of grants. Complete grant applications with assistance of GIWAYEN MATA grant administrators.

Generate and manage publicity for specific events. Generate press coverage on behalf of GIWAYEN MATA and serve as the bridge between GIWAYEN MATA, the public and media outlets. The publicist may write press releases, manage campaigns and perform other public relations functions. Agree to terms and conditions for use of GIWAYEN MATA’s intellectual property.

Website Development and Maintenance:
Assist with maintaining current information on the GIWAYEN MATA website. Contribute to creating and implementing ideas that may increase traffic to the site. Monitor Internet activity for GIWAYEN MATA presence that should be linked to the GIWAYEN MATA site.

Agree to terms and conditions for use of GIWAYEN MATA’s intellectual property.

Social Network Development and Maintenance
Assist with maintaining buzz on the social networks. Contribute to creating and implementing ideas that may increase hits on the GIWAYEN MATA social networks, which are currently Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Research and introduce new technologies in the area of social networking.

Flier Distribution
Assist with advertising GIWAYEN MATA events by handing out fliers to individuals at public events and during routine personal activity.

Sales Assistant
Processing sales leads and assuring leads are directed to the appropriate staff member. Sales will promote GIWAYEN MATA activity.

Stage Crew
Take directions from stage manager to assist with production
Take directions from technical director and artistic director
Witness at least one rehearsal/run of show
Be acquainted with scene transitions, stage set up, and personal assignments

Transportation Crew
Assist performers by carrying instrument and garment bags into and from venue.
Setting drums up in performance area

Stand at house doors to control flow of patrons into house
Take/receive ticket from all who enter house
Hand concert programs to patrons
Be of assistance to other volunteers

Ticket Booth
Maintain a post at ticket booth to sell tickets to patrons
Maintain accurate accounting of revenues
Maintain ticket numbers sold
At least two persons will man booth to allow for a runner if necessary
Maintain appropriate money/change

Set up/display merchandise to sell
Display merchandise price tags/signs
Maintain organization of different tee-shirt sizes for easy customer selection
Maintain appropriate money/change
Distribute GIWAYEN MATA business cards

Set up/display products to sell
Display product price list
Maintain ice for cold drinks
Maintain accounting of products sold
Re-order products for second show if needed
Maintain appropriate money/change

Develop concepts for photographic themes
Record digital photography of GIWAYEN MATA events for use in GIWAYEN MATA publications, advertising, and marketing

Agree to terms and conditions for use of GWAYEN MATA’s intellectual property

Record digital video footage of GIWAYEN MATA events for use in GIWAYEN MATA publications, advertising, and marketing.

Agree to terms and conditions for use of GIWAYEN MATA’s intellectual property.

Video Editing
Edit video footage of GIWAYEN MATA events/activity into video clips for use in public relations, work samples, items for sale.

Agree to terms and conditions for use of GIWAYEN MATA’s intellectual property. 

DVD and CD Duplicating
Operate DVD and CD duplicating equipment to produce media for distribution.

Details to be determined