Sarahn Henderson

Sarahn Henderson was born in Riverside, California. She considers herself a global citizen due to her father’s career in the Air Force. She was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii during her teens before moving to Atlanta where she soon graduated from Clark Atlanta University and set root. Her appreciation for African drumming began in the ’70’s as she reminisces sitting on the lawn at Kiolani Park in Waikiki listening to brothers drumming free style for the public, rapping and rhyming like they where the Last Poets.

She is a founding member and the original shekere musician for Giwayen Mata. Her career in the cultural arts began in Atlanta GA. in 1982 where she danced with the African Dance Ensemble directed by the late “King” Farouk and Alani Ogunlade. The company later branched off led by Choreographer and Master Dancer Tetteh Adzaho who formed Sankofa Cultural Dance Company. Sarahn was one of the lead dancers in this Ghanaian, West African ensemble. Although she was one of the original Giwayen Mata founding members, she continued to dance with Sankofa. Upon the closing of Sankofa, Sarahn was invited to return to Giwayen Mata and found her place on stage with her founding and new sisters with her shekere in hand. She has been with the company now for 8 years, and considers Giwayen Mata HOME. To her merit, Sarahn performed for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies during the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta, GA. She experiences taking dance workshops with internationally acclaimed Master Dancers as they come to Atlanta.

When Sarahn is not with her Giwa sisters or her family, she is usually awaiting the arrival of babies as she serves as one of Atlanta’s Community Midwives.