Gail Vernon Zuri Sami Ra Maati Jordan

When people ask her how does she stay young and energetic despite the 50+ years that have marked her life, Ms. Jordan figures it must be the drum. Of the many things that she does, which includes teaching second grade in Atlanta Public Schools at Gideons Elementary, drumming continually challenges her to be bigger, better, stronger, smarter, and always respectfully reflecting the spiraling excellence of her African ancestral presence.

Ms. Jordan’s association with Giwayen Mata is that of co-founder, board vice-president, percussionist, vocalist, and writer. Her days of drumming are rooted in her childhood when she’d play on walls with her hands or flick light switches on and off, off and on, percussively agitating her mom. The seed planted then was nurtured during her high school years as she attended Arts High, a performance arts and college prep school in Newark, New Jersey and during her college years at Howard University where she marched in the band of the Mighty Bisons. That nurtured seed sprouted to embrace a communion of Giwa sistahs, a communion that she is grateful to be a part. Gail V. was introduced to the djembe by Chinyelu Lumumba who graciously exposed her to his collection of drums and instruction on how to properly play the instruments. Jordan is continually inspired through the musical, and spiritually gifted motivation of Omelika Kuumba, Giwayen Mata director and co-founder.

Jordan’s son and rapper Marcus K. Spence, aka Trap CEO, continues to make her proud. She honors the lives of her late father Miller Jordan, Sr. and her late brother Dr. Miller Jordan, Jr.. May they rest in peace.