Giwayen Mata Classes

GIWAYEN MATA consists of 20 vibrant sistahs, who enjoy teaching. During class, several GIWAYEN MATA members are dressed to dance and help students learn. GIWAYEN MATA takes pride in offering an open class where dance enthusiasts can drop in, fit in, and get a great cardio aerobic workout. The classes cater to the needs of each student by grouping them according to ability and then adjusting the pace and technique for each group. Mamas, their babies, guys, and folk of all ages participate in this heterogeneous class.

Members of our local village, male and female community drummers attend GIWAYEN MATA’s weekly dance classes, using the classes as a place to gather, hone skills, trade hits, and share their knowledge of rhythmic, cultural and technical drumming experiences.

GIWAYEN MATA often brings master dancers who share a wealth of knowledge and stylized execution. We also share our dance floor by inviting community dance instructors who contribute a varied dynamic to the dance student’s experience. Enjoy African dance class with live drumming the GIWA way!

1458667_10151938874020933_1220145673_nAfrican Dance Classes
are held weekly at:

Capoeira Passo a Frente
(Formally Dance Fight Play)
495 Moreland Ave, SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

3:00 – 4:30 pm

(Our Monday and Thursday Classes are Cancelled Until Further Notice.
– Please Stay Tuned.)

Regular Classes:
$12 – Adults per class
$10 – Seniors & Students $6 Children 10 years and under

Special Classes with Guest Artists:
$15 – Adults per class

Pay for all classes at the door. Credit and debit cards accepted. 

Starting June 4th, 2017
will be held at  the new…
Capoeira Passo a Frente
Formally Dance Fight Play).

Get African Dance Classes at Capoeira Passo a Frente on Sundays, 3pm – 4:30pm.
495 Moreland Ave, SE; Atlanta, GA 30316
Call 404-604-9364 for Class Info.


What should you wear to class?

  • Comfortable top and or dance bra
  • Lapa, comfy skirt, or loose fitting pant (A lappa is a traditional African garment made of about two yards of fabric that wraps around the hips like a skirt. It is also called a wrapper. The traditional African wrap-skirt isn’t sewn. It is a large piece of fabric that is tied around the waist.
    (Size: 171cm (66″) x 104cm (40″) – but can be up to 4 meters in length)
  • Biker shorts to conceal undergarments
  • Bare feet


  • Loose fitting pant
  • Comfortable shirt
  • Bare feet